A full on dynamic boxing class mixing body weight exercises (variations of plyometric/metabolic work), shadowboxing and heavy bag work. In each class you’ll learn the basic boxing footwork and combinations. It's all about the sweat life, fat burning, and stress management. Expect to burn approximately 800-1000+ calories! So lets go CHAMP!! This class is challenging but suitable for all levels of fitness. Please remember to bring your indoor trainers, Hand wraps and a water bottle.


A high intensity interval training workout, incorporating body weight movements, Kettlebells, ski ergs, TRX suspension straps and MOTR bars for a mega fat burning, total body workout. HIIT has been shown to burn fat tissue more effectively than low-intensity exercise (up to 50% more efficiently) and dramatically speed up metabolism, helping the body burn more calories throughout the day. This class will challenge your anaerobic & aerobic energy systems to the max. Get ready to sweat!


FORM TRX is where TRX suspension training meets HIIT (high intensity interval training). TRX suspension training leveraging your own body weight and gravity to improve your strength, stamina, flexibility and balance simultaneously.
In every TRX exercise your entire core will be activated as a stabilizer.
Then we combine HIIT to seriously rev up your metabolism. This class burns fat and gets results in record time!
This class is challenging, but all levels are welcome. Don't forget to bring your indoor trainers and a water bottle.