FORM was established in 2015 because Founders Jerry and Elissa recognised a distinct flaw in the group fitness sector. The flaw being a lack of form and correct technique, leading clients to pain and injuries. Sadly, we see negligent instructors far too often teaching large group classes. Compromised instruction by staff who have not the experience or wherewithal, and classes that cater to vast numbers of people, where form cannot possibly be adhered to. Elissa, professional dancer and former national tennis player and Jeremy, former pro athlete decided to open FORM, with form being central to the core of the company. Our signature and award winning class METcore Pilates was devised for the time poor clientele, who wants to consolidate their workout in a fun and dynamic class. METcore Pilates is a Pilates hybrid class that works the 6 crucial elements of training for a healthy, pain-free happy body and mind, which include balance, strength, cardio fitness, flexibility, breathing and coordination. Exercises are tailor made to combat general human ailments, precipitated by sitting hours on end at computers! The main culprits, weak thoracic spine (upper back/compromised posture), lumbar spine pain (lower back), stiff and rigid spine, tight hip flexors and weak glutes. If these areas are neglected, aches, pains and injuries ensue and we begin to feel old way before our time. Our luxury boutique studio is intimate and we cater to only 8 clients per class, ensuring close attention to form and technique. Our instructors are selected very carefully and undergo rigorous training prior to leading classes. We pride ourselves on our high calibre instructors.

Clients can enjoy a variety of different classes at FORM aside from METcore, including Box-Fit, TRX, Yoga, HIIT and PURE MOTR (Pilates toning and strengthening) We run over 50 classes per week to accommodate busy lifestyles. No contracts, no joining fees for added flexibility. We offer monthly unlimited memberships if that is of interest. Our's is a model for those seeking ease of booking and seeking results driven classes in an uplifting and dynamic environment.

We know you'll FIND YOUR FORM with us!