High Intensity Workout
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You love nothing better than working out really hard. High-intensity interval training is a particularly tough kind of training, hot on the cardiovascular side of things and wonderfully, totally exhausting!
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HIIT training is isn't for the faint hearted


The best hiit workout? You could find yourself throwing out Butt Kicks for 45 seconds then moving on to Jump Squats for another 45 seconds, followed by Burpees.

You'll maybe find yourself enjoying 45 seconds of Mountain Climbers then Alternating Side Lunges for the same amount of time, followed by Jumping Lunges, more Mountain Climbers and the notoriously tiring Forearm Plank. Whatever exercises suit you best, this is a type of exercise created in the '70s by Arthur Jones, the founder of Nautilus gyms, and it focuses hard on doing quality weight training repetitions until you're fit to drop... in a good way!

HIIT workouts deliver better athletic capacity and a top class body condition. They improve your glucose metabolism and tend to be a very effective way to significantly reduce fat across your entire body. It obviously requires a lot of personal motivation, since it's so tough, but you don't need any special equipment. These exercises involved challenge both the body and mind.

Get involved in HIIT

A high intensity workout usually kicks off with a good warm up period, particularly important when you want to work your body hard. Then you'll do several repetitions of various maximum-intensity exercise, then a few medium intensity exercises designed to help you recover. A cool-down follows. At your hardest you'll be working at as near 100% intensity as possible, and the number of reps and the duration of each depends on the exercise in question.

You like to work-out hard. Very hard. You need high intensity training


High Intensity Training – A faster way to get super-fit

There is no specific HIIT formula. It depends on your own unique cardiovascular situation, which means your medium strength exercises could actually be pretty slow and steady, while at the same time being incredibly effective. One popular tactic, however, is the 2:1 ratio of work to recovery. You might endure (or even enjoy!) half a minute of fast sprinting alternated with 15–20 seconds of jogging or even walking, repeated until you honestly can’t move an inch because you’re so tired.

Get the best out of your workout every time

Your entire HIIT session might not last any longer than five minutes. It might take half an hour. However long your personalised schedule takes, this is a proven way to maximize your workout when you don’t have a whole lot of time spare and want to achieve a lot while you’re with us. We’ll make sure you hit the exact right levels of timing, do the correct number of rounds, and get the best out of your workout every time.

HIIT workout London – Choose the best!

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