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Your time with us is all about results... fantastic results! Together we'll meet and beat your personal fitness goals in an enjoyable, challenging and varied way.
Book your first package of six private sessions at a special price of £450, just £75 each, and start changing your life for the better.

Yoga Class Notting Hill


Yoga is a brilliant way to boost your mental and physical awareness, improve your overall mobility and flexibility, increase your strength, stamina and energy. FORM yoga really is the ultimate way to chill, wind down and get rid of stress. Why not book yoga sessions to complement your FORM classes?

We do yoga. Lots of yoga. Everything from Yin yoga with its deep stretching, relaxation and restorative benefits to Lyengar yoga, which aligns your body beautifully. We provide classes in dynamic, exciting Power yoga and gentle Aerial yoga, which is wonderfully good at reducing pressure and joint compression. It's even suitable for pre-natal clients.

It's fun. It's challenging. It's diverse. Like everything we do, it's carefully tailored to your exact needs, your unique circumstances. We make sure the exercises and movements you do are all done properly, to your body's benefit, without putting you at risk of injury. And we educate you as well, so you will learn all about your body and your own physical self.

Accurate, safe workouts. Thrilling private sessions. Dedicated 1-2-1 attention. All this means maximised results, the kind of results you'll love to see. Let's change the way you work out for the better, forever.

Love Yoga?

Yoga is a brilliant way to improve your mental and physical awareness, mobility, flexibility, strength, stamina and energy frequency. There's something for everyone at FORM. Choose from a wide range of yoga styles including the deep stretching, relaxing and restorative effects of Yin yoga, Lyengar yoga with its amazing alignment benefits, dynamic Power yoga, and heavenly Aerial yoga, which reduces spinal pressure and joint compression thanks to supportive, hammock-like silks. FORM yoga is the ultimate way to unwind and de-stress, a fabulous complement to any FORM class, and it's perfect if you're expecting a baby.

Your Exclusive Notting Hill Gym – Enjoy Life-Changing Results


Workout Class Notting Hill – Perfectly, Wonderfully Exhausting!

Why travel farther when we’re right on your doorstep? When you’re looking for a local workout class, Notting Hill based and convenient, we’re perfect. And we’re rather special too – this is no ordinary gym, no average fitness centre. We focus on you, on a dedicated and highly focused 1-2-1 basis. You’ll have your own personal trainer too, someone carefully chosen who fully understands your needs and has a great deal of experience in delivering fitness with flair, from start to finish. It’s amazing.

Personal Trainer Notting Hill – Professional Support to Achieve Fitness Goals

You’re looking for a personal trainer, Notting Hill based near your home or workplace. But you’d like a personal trainer with a difference, someone who educates you as well as trains you, someone who actually helps you totally transform the way you work out, the way you exercise. If you have ever struggled with motivation, it works like magic. When there’s someone on your side every step of the way you’re so much more motivated, keen, excited, and prepared to work your body enjoyably hard.

Notting Hill Gym – Get Fit, Feel Great, Love the Experience

When you live or work in or near Notting Hill, you want a fantastic Notting Hill gym that’s convenient, highly professional, beautifully equipped, spotlessly clean, and operates a large team of top class male and female personal training experts. Our gym delivers exactly that, providing a fantastic atmosphere in which to build your way up to optimum fitness and feel totally fantastic. If you want to turn your physical health around and feel incredible as a result, we’re here to get you exactly where you want to be.