A combination of core-challenging Pilates performed on a MOTR and High Intensity Resistance Training to improve core strength, stamina, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular fitness simultaneously. Finishing with Speed8, the blend of Pilates and metabolic conditioning is guaranteed to give you a head-to-toe work out that will have you seeing results fast.

Please note: grippy socks are essential for this class. These can be purchased at the studio.


TRX suspension training meets HIIT (high intensity interval training). Leveraging your own body weight and gravity to improve your strength, stamina, flexibility and balance simultaneously, the classes focus on activating your entire core. This class seriously revs up your metabolism, burns fat and gets results in record time. This class is challenging, but all levels are welcome.

Please remember to bring your indoor trainers and a water bottle.


A low impact, high intensity reformer style Pilates class performed on the MOTR with a specific focus on slow controlled movements aimed at strengthening, toning, lengthening and sculpting the physique. This is a full-body workout, working multiple muscle groups simultaneously, resulting in double the results in half the time!

Suitable for pre-natal clients.

Please note: grippy socks are essential for this class. These can be purchased at the studio.


A high intensity interval training workout, incorporating body weight movements, kettlebells, SkiERGs, TRX suspension straps and MOTR bars for a fat burning, total body workout. HIIT has been shown to burn fat tissue more effectively than low-intensity exercise (up to 50% more efficiently) and dramatically speed up metabolism, helping the body burn more calories throughout the day. This class will challenge your anaerobic & aerobic energy systems to the max.

Please remember to bring your indoor trainers and a water bottle.

Box Fit

A high-energy boxing class mixing body weight exercises (variations of plyometric/metabolic work), shadowboxing and heavy bag work. In each class you’ll learn the basic boxing footwork and combinations. It’s all about getting sweaty, fat burning, and stress management. Expect to burn approximately 800-1000+ calories! This class is challenging but suitable for all levels of fitness.

Please remember to bring your indoor trainers, hand wraps and a water bottle.


Yoga at FORM includes a practice for all. Ranging from the deep stretching, relaxation and restorative benefits of Yin yoga to the great alignment benefits of Iyengar yoga, to the dynamism of Power yoga to Aerial yoga, which is simply heaven on the spine, reducing pressure and joint compression with assistance of the silks. A firm favourite! Improve your mental & physical awareness, mobility & flexibility, strength & stamina and energy frequency with FORM yoga. The ultimate way to unwind and de-stress! A fabulous complement to any FORM class.

Suitable for pre-natal clients.

MAT Pilates Plus

Introducing Mat Pilates Plus, a mat based class that uses isometric exercises and stretches to work the muscles to failure. Low impact, but intense, it is the perfect class for pre and post natal clients and those looking for a svelte, long, lean shape. Improving muscle tone, body alignment, flexibility, coordination and balance.


A full body ballet fitness workout that targets, shapes and defines all the major muscle groups of the body, in a low impact, high intensity fashion. A favourite practice amongst models and dancers for its elongating effect on the limbs and spine. Think long, lean and lithe! FORM barre plus will challenge your strength, balance and coordination and will encourage graceful and poised carriage. Let your inner ballerina emerge!

Suitable for all levels and pre and post natal clients.

Please note: grippy socks are essential for this class. These can be purchased at the studio.


Aerial Yoga is both a fun and relaxing experience that will challenge you in new ways. This unique type of yoga adds in that missing “pull” motion lacking in mat-based practice and is a useful tool for obtaining correct alignment in poses, functional strength and better balance. Experience moments of deep relaxation blended with core strengthening and mobility exercises. This is a practice that will encourage the deepest of stretches. It is recommended not to eat, and limit caffeine intake, at least 3-hours prior to class.

Not suitable for women who may be pregnant.