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That’s right – it’s a chocolate cake for Valentine’s Day. But this isn’t just any old chocolate cake, this is a rich, creamy, entirely plant-based, SUPER delicious and positively good for you cake that’ll knock your socks off. And it’s fully manageable for even the least-skilled cook as…(Read More)

The new year is forever and always a time when the internet goes wild with proclamations of changing everything about your life, overnight. The truth is, change doesn’t come in sporadic bursts of activity, and it doesn’t come overnight. In my experience, it comes in slow, steady work done over months and years…(Read More)

Happy New Year!


It’s that time of year again. The contrast between the spirit and ethos of the month of December and January is cruelly stark – the former is all about the collective, yet the latter is wholly focused on the individual.  We have cultivated a self-punitive culture: encouraged to binge at Christmas as it ‘doesn…(Read More)



It’s here, December the official start to winter! The dark nights draw in and we all start reaching for our wooly hats and that comforting mug of hot chocolate. It’s always a hard transition, our motivation to workout and stay healthy can hit a major road block, but one good reason to don…(Read More)

Easy to whip up and a gorgeous crowd-pleaser, this sumptuous chocoholic’s dream is Vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar-free and even nut-free, so you won’t have to worry about accommodating your guests’ dietary requirements. The avocados the mousse a gorgeously smooth and creamy texture, yet you wouldn’t even know they…(Read More)



Gone are the days where we are conditioned to opt for only one method of training. It used to feel almost like “cheating” if you dared incorporate 2 different disciplines/practices into your life at the same time. I breathe a sigh of relief, as time has moved on and there is a much greater…(Read More)

Here’s how: 1. COLD SHOWERS: Used for centuries by nobility, celebrities, sportsmen & women and medics to invigorate, treat ailments & injuries, speed recovery after training, build the immune system & constitution, improve circulation, relieve depression, improve skin texture and hair sheen, increase fertility in men, increase energy and reduce stress. If you’ve…(Read More)

Treat yourself this Shrove Tuesday by making these nutritious, satiating and sensationally delicious pancakes – a super simple and super healthy way to start lent! They are free from gluten, dairy, nuts, refined sugar and can even be made vegan too! Nourishing your brain and frame, this recipe combines all the things your body craves…(Read More)

Having lost count of the numbers of women I know who simply gave up exercising during their pregnancies (including, embarrassingly, myself for my first two sons), by the third time around I was determined not to stop. I’d been coming to three or four Form classes a week religiously for six months or so…(Read More)

As we still seem to be stuck in the depths of winter, I find myself gravitating towards anything that claims to be ‘immune-boosting and flu fighting’, loading up on ginger, honey and lemon, as well as high vitamin C foods such as sprouts and grapefruit. Yet one spice I never considered to be anything…(Read More)