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Ballet fitness in Notting Hill – Leaves you toned, strong and elegant

Why travel farther for your barre workout when we're right on your doorstep? There's a lot to be said for a ballet barre workout that's close to home, a place you cab walk to instead of getting the car out or travelling by tube. This is no ordinary gym, we provide a wide range of exercise classes including popular ballet barre. Ballet dancers might look delicate and fairy-like but they're actually very strong, very fit sand very flexible. Grab some of their extraordinary power for yourself and feel amazing!


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Ballet workout Notting Hill – Why travel further than you need to?

Ballet workouts are hugely popular these days, tapping into a way of exercising that has been creating strong, supple bodies for hundreds of years. Ballet-inspired exercises improve your body's flexibility, muscle strength and tone and because it works the entire body, it improves your posture as a whole. In particular it strengthens the abdominal muscles, and like all great exercise it relieves stress and anxiety. If you have struggled with motivation in the past, this might be your perfect type of exercise. Why not come along and give it a try?


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Your local Notting Hill gym – Enjoy ballet fitness here!

Do you live or work in or near Notting Hill? If so you're in luck. We provide popular barre workout classes for local people. Our instructors are highly professional, our premises are beautifully equipped, and everything is spotlessly clean. Add a team of brilliantly fit and inspirational male and female personal trainers ad you can see why our ballet fit classes are so popular. Add a fantastic friendly atmosphere and what more can you want?



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