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What are purecore and sweatcore?

PUREcore is a Pilates-style workout performed on the MOTR (Movement On The Roller) that was developed by FORM Founder Elissa and exclusively taught at FORM Studios. This award-winning workout style has been featured on the likes of Oti Mabuse’s Breakfast Show and praised for its effectiveness in building core strength and balance through a low-impact workout.

SWEATcore is a Pilates-style workout performed on the MOTR (Movement On The Roller) that was developed by FORM Founder Elissa and exclusively taught at FORM Studios. This workout blends Pilates with metabolic conditioning through rounds of Speed8 and HIRT (high intensity resistance training). It is a challenging class but will give you a head-to-toe workout and we welcome all levels.

Welcome to the world of Pilates – done the FORM way! You are welcome to try our PUREcore and SWEATcore classes even if you are new to Pilates. What our new clients find most challenging about PUREcore is keeping the balance while performing the exercises, but don’t worry – our instructors are there to guide you. What our new clients find most challenging about SWEATcore is the combination between balance and metabolic conditioning, so we would recommend starting with PUREcore if you are resuming physical activity for the first time in a while.

PUREcore and SWEATcore have been developed by FORM founder Elissa and taught exclusively at FORM Studios. While Reformer Pilates is practiced on the Pilates reformer machine, PUREcore and SWEATcore make use of the MOTR (Movement On The Roller), which acts as a foam roller, resistance trainer, and Pilates reformer all in one. Thanks to this device, we incorporate the balance element that Reformer Pilates misses, but that is so important for building core strength.

Visiting the Studios

For all classes, we recommend you wear activewear you feel comfortable in. We also sell our own line of products at the Studios if you wish to buy before your class. Certain classes require specialist equipment such as grippy socks (e.g., PUREcore and SWEATcore) or hand-wraps (e.g., Box Fit), but they can be bought directly at FORM Studios if you don’t have them with you. We always specify equipment requirements in the class description, so if in doubt double check that or reach out to us directly at hello@formstudios.co.uk.

10 minutes before your class starts, your instructor will come and collect at the door.

We do not operate a reception desk at FORM. 10 minutes before your class starts, your instructor will come and collect you at the door.

Yes, you can get changed at FORM Studios. However, please note that our changing room is not very big and there might be a short waiting time if other people are using it.

Yes, we have showers.

Yes, we have lockers.

We pride ourselves in creating an intimate and friendly atmosphere and our classes are never bigger than 8 participants

At FORM you will be able to buy grippy socks (necessary for PUREcore and SWEATcore classes) and hand-wraps (necessary for Box-Fit classes). We also sell our own line of performance activewear, which includes leggings, tops, sweaters, and more.

We love pets at FORM! If you have a well-behaved pet that you would like to bring along to your Personal Training session, please feel free to do so. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate pets during Group Fitness Classes.

With the exception of clients attending Aerial Yoga (for which we recommend not eating 3 hours prior to this class), it’s always a good idea to come fuelled to class; choose healthy, protein-packed snacks that will be light on your stomach but provide you with the energy you need. We also recommend you always bring a bottle of water along. If you find yourself craving a post-workout snack, try out this recipe from our blog.

Pricing and memberships

A membership is a subscription to a set of classes recurring monthly, while a package is a one-time purchase of a set of classes. When you sign up for a membership, your subscription will auto-renew through direct debit and the number of available classes will reset at the beginning of each month. Memberships include some exclusive perks as well, explore them here. When you purchase a package, you must use or lose your classes by the expiration date, but you have full control over how many you want to purchase and when.

We absolutely do! We are excited you want to join the FORM Family. If you are interested in a Membership, we offer a 50% off discount to new clients on our Unlimited Membership. If you are interested in a Group Fitness Class Package, try our Welcome Offer (4 classes for £40), and if you are looking for a Personal Trainer, get our 6 for a 6-pack intro offer (6 PT sessions for £450).

Should you wish to cancel or reschedule your session please be aware that we operate a 12-hour cancellation policy. We are unable to re-credit for class cancellations made inside the 12-hour window.

Monthly memberships (including Unlimited) and class or personal training packages are for exclusive personal use. You can however purchase the Personal Training Buddy 10-pack, which will allow you to share sessions with a friend.

Navigate to the FORM Gif Cards. Simply choose the amount you wish to gift, and you will receive a gift certificate showing the total amount as credit. The lucky receiver of the gift will be able to spend it as they wish. All gift cards have a 12 month expiry date from purchase for activation. Once the receiver chooses how to spend their credit, the expiry date for the pricing option they have chosen will apply.

Other questions

Regrettably, we are not able to allow late-comers to join our group fitness classes. Our classes are very intimate and host a limited number of participants. To avoid disruption and give everyone the best workout they ever experienced, we prefer starting with everyone arriving on time. Additionally, our workouts are carefully programmed to take participants safely from warm up, to peak performance, to cool down – skipping the beginning of the session would not be safe for your muscles and increase the risk of injury.

If someone drops off a class, we will contact the first person on the waitlist. We always endeavour to give you as much advance warning as possible, however we might have some last-minute availability. Remember that if promoted from the waitlist less than 12 hours before class, you will need to confirm you wish to attend.

You definitely can!

If you refer your friend to FORM Studios, you will get £10 off when they attend their first class and they will get £10 off when they return after their first class.

How it works

Click here to generate your unique referral link to share with your friends. Please note you must log into your MindBody account for this.

Your friend must purchase their first Single Class or Welcome Package full price on the FORM Studios website for the offer to apply.

Once they attend, you will receive a code via email to get £10 off your next Class Package or Membership purchase.

When your friend returns to purchase their next Class Package or Membership, they will receive a code via email to get £10 off their next Class Package or Membership purchase.

We would love to explore ways of offering you and your group a unique and bespoke experience. Please email us at hello@formstudios.co.uk with your request

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