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Hiit classes in Notting Hill – Exhausted, fulfilled, fitter than ever

Why travel farther when we're just around the corner? When you're looking for a real high intensity workout you want it close to home. The last thing you want is a long journey home at the end, when you're more than ready to chill and deserve a break. Our stunningly good Notting Hill gym is really convenient for locals, and it's no ordinary gym. One-to-one training is the name of the game here, and we focus all our energies on you.


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High intensity training in Notting Hill

You're looking for a good, tough, sweaty cardio-HIIT workout? Walk this way. We build highly personal hiit routines that perfectly suit your circumstances. Butt Kicks and Jump Squats, Burpees and Mountain Climbers, Alternating Side Lunges and Jumping Lunges, the Forearm Plank and more... they're all totally exhausting when performed at high speed in short bursts, and this is a remarkably effective way to get fitter faster. Best of all, when there's someone on your side every step of the way you're even more motivated.


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HIIT in Notting Hill – Feel the power

A large team of highly experienced male and female personal training experts, one of whom will be allocated to you for continuity. A beautifully equipped gym with a fantastic atmosphere. We know all about how to help you achieve optimum fitness and feel really good inside and out. If you want to improve your physical health in a proven way that exercises every part of you in a powerful way that genuinely works, we'll support you all the way. Let's get super-fit!



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