Low impact, high intensity TRX suspension training
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We believe in results. So do you. You'll love TRX training, which is all about meeting then exceeding your fitness goals in a way that's both powerful and gentle.
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TRX exercises in Notting Hill

and power.

A TRX workout is a proven way to boost your fitness in a gentle way that's actually remarkably powerful. A great all-rounder, these exercises are designed to improve your strength, stamina, flexibility and balance all at the same time, focusing on your entire core. Walk this way for a revved up metabolism and dramatic levels of fat-burn. You will need your water bottle!

TRX is challenging. But anyone can have a go – all levels of fitness are welcome here. TRX workouts involve using your own bodyweight, no weights or machines. You'll get to try out loads of different exercises designed to build muscle, burn fat, tone your body and strengthen it, all supported by a top class personal trainer who has lots of experience.

It's fun to build, burn and tone with TRX training. It's varied and diverse. And we always tailor your exercises to your exact needs, helping you achieve your fitness goals faster and more effectively. Because your body is supported by the TRX harness, whether you're just starting out on your journey to fitness or pushing towards the summit, TRX workouts make you move better and feel better.

You might be a complete beginner or a professional athlete, a runner or a yoga-lover. No matter what you've done before, you'll benefit from tightly-targeted workouts using TRX technology.

Make a tremendous impact on your overall health

The American Council on Exercise commissioned a small 2016 study of 16 healthy men and women aged 21 to 71. They wanted to explore the long term impact of TRX training. The volunteers did an hour's TRX class three times a week for two months, tested beforehand in all sorts of ways to set benchmarks. Everyone burned off around 400 calories per session and they also experienced dramatic reductions in waist circumference, body fat and resting blood pressure. Their muscle strength and endurance improved, and the combined results indicated long term suspension training is likely to decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease.

TRX Classes

TRX – when you don’t just want to get fit, you want to TRANSFORM!


TRX training in Notting Hill – Get fabulously fit

The great results you get from suspension training are down to the sheer variety of the workouts, a blend of improvements in overall strength and cardio work which helps condition your entire body. Our fitness experts are on hand to make sure you work out gently at first, and don’t hurt yourself, then figure out how to help you build on your skills. If you’re a seasoned gym attendee, remember TRX isn’t an easy solution. It’s as tough as you want it to be.

Get a TRX trainer in Notting Hill and feel fabulous… faster!

TRX suspension training uses body weight exercises to develop your strength, balance, flexibility and core stability, all in one. You use a special TRX Suspension Trainer, a performance training tool made from rope and webbing, rather like a safety harness used by circus performers. The harness cleverly leverages gravity, using your body weight to achieve the exercises. There are countless different exercises to enjoy, working against your own body to deliver great results.

Leverage gravity to get fitter faster

When you live or work in or near Notting Hill, you want to take your exercise somewhere convenient, not over the other side of the city or miles away. Our Notting Hill gym, where your TRX workouts will take place, is staffed by enthusiastic, highly professional fitness experts and it’s beautifully equipped. We provide a friendly, welcoming atmosphere in which to work out, exactly what you need to achieve optimum fitness and feel marvellous. And it’s full of people like you, like minded people on the same wavelength, determined to get fitter.