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Hello Summer! Time to get ‘bikini ready’! Sounds familiar? We all set fitness resolutions before the hot summer rays kick in and the summer holiday months are upon us. But how many of us really succeed? What does it take to truly unearth your FORM? Perhaps the key here is identifying how to start.


Set challenging but realistic, measurable and achievable goals and always be specific -  "I want to loose 5lb by August" is far more effective than saying  " I want a new hot body in summer 2016”. Break these goals into manageable chunks and do not underestimate the power of cumulative effort. One action everyday will compound to big changes down the line. C. S. Lewis quotation springs to mind here – “Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but you look back and everything is different”.


Choose what suits you, your budget and your schedule. The new uber cool gym may have all the latest equipment and trendy classes, but does the high membership cost and location really work for you? Are you simply looking to be more active? Perhaps scheduling in weekly power walks or runs and incorporating some Mat Pilates & HIIT body weight exercises at home will do the trick to kick start your fitness goals?


What is your mind set ? Do you need to address how you approach new challenges? We live in a world of instant gratification, however if you want to get to end result, you'll need to be prepared to knuckle down one step at a time. Prepare your mind for consistency, perseverance and patience. Be kind to yourself, if you don’t see results instantly. They will come, if you keep on going, Rome wasn't built in a day.


Inspiration is absolutely vital to spur us on and keep our eye on the goal. Choose inspiration sources, have a few, the more the better! How about a great playlist to push you though the workout that you didn’t particularly want to do that day? Music is a powerful tool. How about a friend that smashes his/her fitness goals? The person you always see in your gym who looks good and works hard. Have a chat with them, ask questions, guaranteed they will be flattered and happy to help. Or perhaps find a picture of someone who inspires you that you can stick on your cupboard door. It may also help to deter you from that sugary treat and spur you to have a piece of yummy fruit instead.


Lastly remember fitness is a journey and lifestyle choice. Enjoy the ride, one step at a time. Who says you need a new you? Your current self is good enough, you can just strive for a better version. Have fun, mix up your workouts and remember.

And most importantly...ENJOY THE PROCESS!

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