Is the Belfie good or bad for the female psyche? Plus Elissa's Booty Workout for the perfect behind!!

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Voted woman's second sexiest part of the body by Maxim Magazine, last year was definitely the year of the Belfie! Personally I think the current bum fixation is a good thing from the perspective of optimal movement!

As the butt muscle is one of the most important in the body, helping contribute to lumber spine and knee health. One of my goals at FORM is to ensure that all my fabulous clients have a strong and functioning butt.

However, because the butt is also seen in a sexual nature, I fear many younger, impressionable girls solely seek to develop their backside for the aesthetic value. Proudly plastering pictures of their shapely assets all over social media, commonly known as "The Belfie" but on the other hand it's also refreshing to see young woman moving away from the "super skinny" catwalk look and opting to celebrate their sexy curves. Personally, I feel a defined female body with a shapely bottom is a sign of empowerment for women, as it displays strength and sex appeal "Strong is the new skinny".

Armed with this new mantra, women are now queueing up at the squat rack and chalking up their hands to smash out their next set of clean & jerks (Olympic lifts).

Pro-athletes train intensely to improve performance (run faster, jump higher etc) the glute muscles help enable the body to move with speed and strength, so it's vital that the glutes are developed for performance.

For example, professional female volleyball players have sensational derrières through constantly jumping and moving side to side in sand, which bears resistance.

The Butt is the new boobs!

A round perky bottom has always been desirable in Latin and Afro/Caribbean cultures, with superstars the likes of J Lo, Beyoncé and Shakira twerking and shaking their booty all over our tv screens in their music videos, from back in the 90's. Caucasian cultures are jumping on the booty bandwagon rather late. As plastic surgeons see a major tush trend, requests for derriere implants and lifts continues to grow, thanks to these A List celebrities Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, and J.Lo. Butt implants and lifts were the second and third fastest-growing plastic surgery procedures in the US in 2014 while breast augmentations and facelifts, which were two of the most popular procedures are now on the decline.

The Booty Look

So what's the booty look all about? It's all about creating a contemporary hourglass figure. To accentuate that pert, round butt, you're looking for a slim waist. By keeping your body lean will further highlight your shape, so clean & healthy eating is essential in order to shed any excess fat around the midsection (crucial for your health too). While still displaying fully developed gluteus maximum muscles (round butt). Glute specific exercises will not only lift and reshape your butt, but will recruit muscles in the legs, thus shaping up your entire lower body, bonus!

Get the Perfect Booty

To achieve that peach bum, like achieving any muscle development, it requires consistent and focused training on that particular body part. Unfortunately, just like the core muscles, most people struggle to engage the glutes. The ability to fully recruit one's glutes is a skill which comes with practice.

Rest assured The "perfect booty" is in everyone's reach.

Indeed culture plays a part, but it's achievable for anyone. Like anything good in life, reshaping the body requires effort and discipline though, but what could improve ones confidence more than looking and feeling great and moving well, free of aches and pains!

Booty Workout

By following my Booty Workout you'll see major booty gains in only 21 days!

Witness this incredible change for yourself! My Booty Workout can be performed either at home or in the gym with minimum equipment, just a Pilates ring and a set of dumbbells.

Heel Squeeze Prone (Pilates ring optional)


• Lying prone (on your tummy) fold forearms over each other and rest forehead on top, drawing shoulders down away from your ears.

• Open the knees slightly wider than hip width apart and bend the knees.

• Turn out the feet in first position with the heels touching, feet are flexing for additional hamstring activation.

• Whilst engaging the core muscles (draw navel to spine on the exhale), hover the knees off the floor and press the heels firmly together.

• Hold for 3 counts and then release knees down.

• Complete 15-20 reps

BREATH SEQUENCE: inhale knees down, exhale knees hover and heel squeeze.

Cross Kicks



• Start on all fours with hands under shoulders, and knees under hips.

• Lift and cross the right knee over the left knee and kick the right knee up at a 45 degree angle (attitude derrière) and then cross it back over the left knee and repeat.

• Complete 15-20 reps on each side

BREATH SEQUENCE: inhale cross over, exhale kick out.

Curtsy Lunge w/ Knee Raise (2.5-10kg dumbbells optional)



•Start standing on left leg, balance and raise the right knee up to the height of your navel.

•Whilst balancing, lower the right foot behind the left, bending both knees in a curtsy position.

•Continue balancing and raise the right knee back up to the start position.

•Complete 15-20 reps on each leg

BREATH SEQUENCE: inhale curtsy lunge, exhale into knee raise.

Side-To-Side Squat (2.5-10kg dumbells optional)




•Start standing with legs wide open

•Lower your tailbone to one side, keeping the torso as upright as possible, bending the leading knee into a side squat position, aim to get the tailbone below the knee down towards the heel. Opposite leg remains straight.

•Drive the body back up to standing, resuming the start position and then lower yourself into a side squat on the opposite leg.

•Complete 30 reps altogether

BREATH SEQUENCE: Inhale side squat, exhale drive up to standing.

Kick Out



• Start in a side facing position. Leaning on your left hand and knee, right leg extended straight out to the side.

• Dorsi flex the right foot and draw the knee in towards your chest

• Drive the knee out and extend the leg up at a 45 degree angle from the hip, squeezing the flute

• Complete 15-20 reps on each side

BREATH SEQUENCE: inhale knee in, exhale kick out.

Perform my Booty workout 2-3 times a week for 3 weeks to see amazing results!

Good luck on your quest to develop the perfect butt!

Author: FORM Founder Elissa Elhadj

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