Ballet barre in Notting Hill
Ballet exercises to keep you fit

Have you ever been to the ballet? If so you were probably astonished by the dancers' fitness levels. A ballet workout is all about meeting and beating your personal fitness goals in a way you'll love.
Book your first package of six private ballet fitness sessions at a special price of £450, just £75 each, and dance your way to better physical fitness.

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Combining ballet,
dance & yoga

Ballet barre is a wonderful way to improve fitness. It's essentially a hybrid, a blend of ballet-inspired movements and Pilates elements, dance, strength training and, of course, yoga. You might find yourself doing ballet moves like plies as well as static stretches, most of the time focusing on high repetitions of small movements.

Barre exercise differs from other kinds of workout thanks to the isometric movements you make, where you hold your body still while contracting various muscles until the shaking begins and you feel that magical burn. You know you're exercising your body well when you feel it, but you won't take it too far with your own dedicated trainer standing by.

Your class will begin withy a sensible warm-up to get you going, maybe push ups, tricep dips and planks. Once you're ready you'll move to the barre, where you'll focus on various parts of the body, depending on your own personal goals. At the end you'll move to the mat for exercises targeting your core, then you'll cool back down with yoga poses.

For a tougher work-out we can always bring resistance bands and light hand weights into the mix to help you build lean muscle. We may even use mats for targeted core work, depending on what your personal trainer recommends. It's fun, it's challenging, and it's hard work but good work.

Accurate, safe workouts. Toned glutes and legs. Top class private sessions run by fitness experts who are seriously experienced as well as dedicated to your fitness. If you're looking for maximised results on your doorstep, pop into our beautiful Notting Hill gym for an informal chat.

Powerful ballet exercises

Barre exercise gives you a fantastic full body workout. They're particularly good when you want to strengthen your body's essential core, just as good for toning your glutes and legs. The best thing is, it's low impact. And that means it works perfectly for people who are recovering from an injury. Your personal instructor will talk you through the implications if you're in recovery. We can easily modify your workouts so they gently get you back to normal without causing pain. It's so safe we even recommend it for our pre and post-natal clients.

A brilliant ballet barre workout close to home in Notting Hill


Ballet fitness in Notting Hill – On your doorstep

A barre workout also happens to be a very effective choice for cross-training, where you pair it up with other exercise like running, weight lifting and cycling. It’s perfect because the exercises strengthen the muscles you need for the exercises without stressing the body and causing pain. Best of all, we’re right on your doorstep. No forcing yourself to travel miles to the gym after a long, hard day and no long journey back home afterwards. Just the convenience of a beautifully equipped local gym.

Professional Support with ballet barre

Exercise on its own is marvellous. But it’s even better when your goals are supported by a dedicated personal trainer, someone who takes the time and makes the effort to get to know you, the way your body works, and the fitness level you want to achieve. Our personal trainers are much more than fitness experts. It’s their job to educate and inform you as well as train you. If you struggle to motivate yourself, it’s the ideal solution. Come along and have a chat – we’ll give you a warm FORM welcome.

Feel great, Get fit, fall in love with ballet barre!

What are the results and how fast will you see them? Barre fans say it takes just a few classes to notice a difference in your body. Carry on and it won’t be long before a new, more toned physique is yours. You’ll also be stronger. We can tailor your barre work so it tackles the areas of your body you most want to target, for example a dedicated thigh burning barre workout, arms barre workout, a work-out designed specifically to tone your abs, and a butt-toning version as well. Come to us and you’ll love the atmosphere, the support, the vibe, the fun. Will we see you soon?