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Box fit gym Notting Hill – Work your body HARD!

Why travel farther when there's a boxfit gym close to home? It makes such a difference not having to travel miles to the gym, especially after a long day's work. This is no ordinary gym, either. FORM is all about tailored, targeted fitness for individuals, and no size fits all. We focus on you, on a 1-2-1 basis, which means your exercise regime is more effective than ever. You'll enjoy your very own personal trainer who's qualified to support you on your journey to super-fitness. Boxfit exercises really do change lives. Give it just a few sessions and you'll notice the difference.


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Boxercise class Notting Hill – Challenging workouts for determined people

Boxfit is appropriate for people with all sorts of different fitness goals. It improves your overall aerobic conditioning, helps to builds muscle and helps you to lose loads of fat. Because it's so high intensity, very like a sort of cardio kickboxing or bootcamp exercise regime using combat moves, it's a highly efficient workout method. Combining upper body and lower body exercises gives you an all-round workout that's hard to beat for sheer exhilaration, for enjoyable endurance, for sheer pleasure.


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Boxfit exercises in Notting Hill – Feel the pain, love the gain!

When you live or work in the Notting Hill area, a local gym is such a treat. No long journeys after a hard day's work, no travel, no parking issues. Just leave your home, walk to the gym and enjoy tough, challenging boxfit workouts designed to leave you absolutely, wonderfully exhausted, without a negative thought in your mind, feeling physically brilliant and mentally resilient, ready for everything your world can throw at you. All this is supported by professional fitness experts who'll tailor your session so it suits you and your body perfectly.



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