Boxercise class – Be as fit as a boxer!
You've never felt so good

Boxers are seriously fit. The muscle, the tone, the sheer aerobic strength they achieve through their sport is extraordinary. Would you like to exercise your way to fitness through box fit?
Book your first package of six private sessions at a special price of £450, just £75 each, and start changing your life for the better.

Boxfit workouts Notting Hill

Manage stress,
burn fat,
love the challenge.

Are you prepared to work hard... really hard? That's what our hugely popular high energy boxing classes are all about, a powerful blend of body weight exercises in the form of exciting variations on the plyometric and metabolic work theme, including cool stuff like shadowboxing and heavy bag work.

Basic boxing footwork and combinations sit at the heart of this full-on class, where you'll burn impressive amounts of fat. If you fancy dropping as many as 800-1000 calories in a session, we'll be delighted to help you achieve your goals. It's ideal even if you're currently not that fit – we'll soon get you where you want to be!

It's fun. It's challenging. It's exhausting. It's really, really sweaty. And it's never, ever dull. Your classes will be carefully crafted to suit your exact needs and ambitions. Because we're proper professionals we'll make sure you get fitter in a safe way, without the risk of injury. And at the same time you'll learn about the exercises you're doing, so you'll understand your physical self better.

If maximised results are what you're after, and you're prepared to work your body good and hard to achieve those results, we'll be thrilled to join you on the journey. Our boxfit workouts are exactly what you need to take your fitness to an exciting new level.

Tough, demanding, strenuous and FUN

Boxfit is a popular cardiovascular workout based on the training used for boxing . You'll enjoy a sensible warm-up to prevent injury, including jogging on the spot and stretches, before embarking on skipping, boxing drills, footwork, abdominal workouts and more, all focusing hard on excellent physical fitness and exceptional toning. The floor work can include sit ups, push ups, star jumps plus exercises inspired by Pilates and yoga. You'll get to grips with actual boxing too, including fun with punchbags, and you'll warm down properly at the end.

Box fit at our exclusive Notting Hill gym and get life-enhancing results


Box fit gym Notting Hill – Work your body HARD!

Why travel farther when there’s a boxfit gym close to home? It makes such a difference not having to travel miles to the gym, especially after a long day’s work. This is no ordinary gym, either. FORM is all about tailored, targeted fitness for individuals, and no size fits all. We focus on you, on a 1-2-1 basis, which means your exercise regime is more effective than ever. You’ll enjoy your very own personal trainer who’s qualified to support you on your journey to super-fitness. Boxfit exercises really do change lives. Give it just a few sessions and you’ll notice the difference.

Boxercise class Notting Hill – Challenging workouts for determined people

Boxfit is appropriate for people with all sorts of different fitness goals. It improves your overall aerobic conditioning, helps to builds muscle and helps you to lose loads of fat. Because it’s so high intensity, very like a sort of cardio kickboxing or bootcamp exercise regime using combat moves, it’s a highly efficient workout method. Combining upper body and lower body exercises gives you an all-round workout that’s hard to beat for sheer exhilaration, for enjoyable endurance, for sheer pleasure.

Boxfit exercises in Notting Hill – Feel the pain, love the gain!

When you live or work in the Notting Hill area, a local gym is such a treat. No long journeys after a hard day’s work, no travel, no parking issues. Just leave your home, walk to the gym and enjoy tough, challenging boxfit workouts designed to leave you absolutely, wonderfully exhausted, without a negative thought in your mind, feeling physically brilliant and mentally resilient, ready for everything your world can throw at you. All this is supported by professional fitness experts who’ll tailor your session so it suits you and your body perfectly.