Challenging postures, better alignment, even more flexibility

Yoga makes you feel amazing: stronger, more flexible, with a body that's aligned better. Anti gravity yoga offers experienced yoga lovers even more, and also helps beginners by providing extra support.
Book your first package of 4 flying yoga sessions at a special price of £40, only £10 each, and harness the sheer magical power of yoga with a silk hammock for yourself.

Anti gravity yoga


If you haven't tried it yet, there's a real treat in store thanks to our anti gravity yoga classes. It's a branch of yoga that's only been around since 2007, but it's incredibly powerful!

Just like any other kind of yoga, flying yoga relieves spine compression, leaving you feeling lighter. The complexity of the moves means there's an extra element of contemplation and concentration, and it's wonderful for increasing your pulling strength. The silk hammock used to support you lets you refine and improve your alignment and relax into your poses, and that means improved flexibility.

Aerial yoga is really good for experienced yoga practitioners, but it's also particularly good for beginners because your body is supported so well. Beginners can experiment with their posture and alignment safely while generating the strength needed to do complex yoga poses on their own. The number of people in the class tends to be lower, too.

Discover flying yoga

Would you love to see a dramatic improvement in your weight, body far percentage, HDL cholesterol and systolic blood pressure? How about reduced neck and back pain? Anti gravity yoga helps. It also builds core body strength, improves your overall flexibility and even helps you focus more and concentrate better. It lifts your mood, banishes stress and improves your perception of your body in space, something called your proprioception.

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Aerial yoga London – Just like yoga… but even more special!

Like all types of modern yoga, the flying type works to stretch your body, creating poses that are designed to create inner peace and stimulate your physical energy. Ancient yoga tended to focus on mental and spiritual energy, but most contemporary classes look at your overall health and holistic fitness. Enjoy any kind of yoga and you’re tapping into knowledge wisdom that’s at least 2000 years old.

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The silk yoga hammock is something really special, offering all the soft yet strong support you need to achieve your fitness goals in comfort. Some poses are a lot more of a challenge than others, some ask for more flexibility and strength. Our expert professional staff know exactly how far to gently push you, how far you can progress at any one time, and thanks to them the experience might even prove life-changing. Regardless of the amount of experience you’ve had, we’ll teach you the secrets of the hammock and how to achieve poses, boost your balance, improve core strength… all in an incredibly enjoyable low-impact way.

Notting Hill aerial yoga – Open up, feel free, love feeling fabulous!

When you get home from work you don’t really want to go out again, especially when there’s miles to travel. You want really good exercise, but you also want it close to your doorstep. That’s what we provide, in the shape of brilliant flying yoga lessons in Notting Hill. Our smart, spotless Notting Hill gym is your primary destination for all sorts of fab fitness equipment, exceptional support from experienced staff, and a regime as enjoyable as it is effective. Walk this way for aerial yoga London.