Notting Hill Pilates
A Brilliant Way to Boost Core Strength

You want to feel good and look good. And you want to enjoy every step of the process, from start to finish. Pilates is the perfect way to heighten your core strength... and it's so enjoyable!
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Pilates in Notting Hill


Our hugely popular Pilates packages let you experience the magic of the technique in comfort, at our fantastic premises, at a price that'll make you smile.

Pilates focuses on the body's core strength to improve your general fitness and overall well-being. It's like yoga but is more about the physical side of your self, all about toning and strengthening your body as well as maintaining a positive mind-body connection. Posture, balance and flexibility are key to Pilates, and it comes with less risk of injury than other types of strenuous exercise.

Joseph Pilates, a German carpenter and gymnast, created Pilates as a gentle, highly effective exercise for injured dancers and soldiers, harnessing the close connection between the mind and body. The resulting exercise can either be a gentle program to improve your strength or a seriously challenging workout, and it all depends on your specific needs. Pilates is perfectly suited to beginners as well as regular exercisers, but is best avoided if you have high or low blood pressure, a herniated disk, acute osteoporosis or a higher than average risk of blood clots.

Love Pilates?

Because Pilates focuses on your core strength and flexibility, it helps you achieve and maintain good posture because your body is always properly aligned. It's great if you suffer from lower back pain. It tones your muscles really well. It helps you achieve strong abdominal muscles, the basis of a flat tummy. Pilates restores the body's natural flexibility and also boosts your balance through a strong mind-body connection. It helps reduce stress, focusing on your breathing, and provides a lovely overall sense of well-being.

Fall in love with Pilates – Better Posture, Balance & Flexibility


Notting Hill Pilates – Life-changing, life-enhancing exercise

How about losing weight through Pilates? Because it strengthens the muscles it’ll help tone various areas, in particular the stomach, legs and buttocks. But it isn’t an aerobic exercise. To lose weight you need to combine it with a healthy diet and regular aerobic exercise like walking or swimming. Pilates keeps the joints flexible so is handy for people with arthritis. And you don’t need special equipment – just a mat, a floor and an experienced trainer. For the very best in Notting Hill Pilates, book with us.

Pilates in Notting Hill – Local expertise, loads of experience

Pilates is widely recommended by rehabilitation clinics and wellness centres, an effective treatment for chronic neck pain, chronic back pain, hip replacements, knee replacements, MS, fibromyalgia and scoliosis. Our Notting Hill Pilates classes are also popular exercise with athletes, dancers and other injured sports professionals, a low-impact way to get exercise that we can easily tailor to certain areas of your body, the places you’re having problems. A trained, fully-qualified instructor is essential, and our instructors are very experienced indeed.

Notting Hill Pilates lessons – Relieve pain, help injuries heal, love life more

When you spend most of your time in and around Notting Hill, the last thing you want is to have to travel miles to your Pilates class. It’s much easier to motivate yourself when you don’t have to travel far, especially after a long, hard day at work or looking after the kids. Our popular Notting Hill gym is a truly convenient location for locals, a brilliant place full of cutting edge equipment and facilities, staffed by people whose life is exercise, whose passion is making your life change for the better. If you’re looking for Pilates tuition in Notting Hill, we’ll give you a warm welcome.