Treat yourself to a fantastic fitness retreat
Pure, unadulterated well-being in a stunning setting

Everyday life can get you down. Sometimes all you need is a short yet sweet break to make you feel rejuvenated, rebalanced and re-energised.
Book yourself into totally luxurious FORM health retreat and treat yourself to the ultimate fitness experience.

Luxury fitness retreat

Experience peace,
& well-being

Our carefully-created luxury health retreat programmes are all about finding inner peace as well as working your body with magical hikes at sunrise, in some of the world's most stunning places. You'll choose from a huge collection of health-focused activities including restorative Pilates classes, enjoyable circuits, challenging HIIT sessions, thrilling boxing training, highly effective yoga and deliciously relaxing mediation.

Because wonderful food is an essential part of holistic well-being, you'll appreciate the fantastic food you'll enjoy while on one of our fitness retreats, with no expense spared. You'll experience the finest locally-sourced dishes and bespoke meals that take all your dietary needs into account. If you just happen to adore healthy food, it's paradise.

We won't make you work out all of the time! You'll be free to spend a few hours each afternoon relaxing, enjoying the wonderful climate, reading, napping or just taking a stroll. You can go see the sights, make new friends with your fellow retreaters, have a massage – it's entirely up to you. And all this is yours no matter how fit – or not – you happen to be. We cater for everyone.

It's time to pack up your troubles and leave them at home. This is your time, time to spend on yourself, time to make you feel healthier, more well, more lively, pampered to perfection and feeling absolutely fantastic. You'll return home feeling brighter, lighter and ready for anything.

Fitness retreats

You know what it's like. You pack your case, lock the front door behind you, grab a flight, arrive at your destination and it feels like work and everyday life are already a million miles in the far distance. All your troubles melt away, forgotten, left back at home. If they happen to cross your mind, they don't seem half as serious as they did at home. You've managed to acquire a useful, positive sense of perspective and you can already feel innovative solutions tickling away at the back of your mind. Take a break with us, recharge your batteries and you'll come home feeling like a whole new person.

luxury fitness retreat

FORM Health Retreats – Where Fitness Meets Tranquility


Fitness retreats with FORM – Feel fabulous in just a few days

You could arrange and book your own health retreat or fitness retreat. But at FORM we do it all for you – all you need to do is turn up and enjoy the experience. Why not embark on a fitness-inspired adventure to a place where the food is heavenly, the company is excellent and the workouts, massages, walks and everything else are laid on for you? The ultimate in luxury awaits you – splendid cuisine, gorgeous accommodation, a fabulous climate and a laser focus on you, on your happiness and satisfaction.

Professional support to achieve wellness

Jerry and Elissa are looking forward to meeting you for a health break you’ll remember forever. You’ll leave all your worries behind you and embark on a memorable, life-enhancing journey with them, and you’ll come home feeling lighter, leaner, stronger and fitter, healthier and happier.

Take time to nurture your inner and outer self – You’re worth it!

Whether or not you’re already familiar with FORM, you’ll adore our fitness retreats. We’ll take care of you from start to finish, putting your comfort and enjoyment at the heart of everything we do. You’ll eat well, sleep well, have great fun exercising in a stunning place, and spend lots of time in the sunshine. You’ll get the free time you need to chill, and lots of great company when you want it. When you get home you’ll feel renewed, refreshed, fitter, healthier, and ready for anything your world can throw at you.