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The low-impact flexibility, muscular strength and endurance you get from a great Pilates class is hard to beat. It emphasises good postural alignment, focuses on your core strength and delivers great muscle tone.
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At FORM we know no size fits everyone. We tailor our private Pilates classes, modifying them to provide either an enjoyable, gentle strength training program or a challenging session that'll leave you feeling you've achieved a lot. For brilliant Westbourne Grove Pilates tailored carefully to your needs, walk this way!

Pilates concentrates on strengthening the body by focusing on your core strength, which in turn helps boost your overall fitness and your general sense of well-being. Rather like yoga, it works on a person's posture, balance and flexibility, and because it's gentle, it comes with very little risk of injury. But there's more. This invigorating and highly effective exercise also focuses on the mind-body connection, and that's remarkable.

It's a fascinating combination. By harnessing the power of the mind and the body, FORM's fitness professionals tap into the extraordinary discoveries made by Joseph Pilates, who originally developed the exercise. As a gymnast himself, he created Pilates to help heal injured dancers and soldiers.

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Thanks to Pilates your body is always in the right alignment, great if you suffer from lower back pain. It tones the muscles you don't use every day for better overall fitness, especially important for older people and those who don't usually get a lot of exercise. It helps you achieve flat abdominal muscles thanks to focusing on your core. It helps you stay flexible as you age, and it does all this gently. Pilates improves your balance through the magical mind-body connection you'll learn. You'll even be a lot more aware of all the ways your body moves and how it performs.

Notting Hill Pilates

FORM Pilates Notting Hill – Alignment, Strength, Balance


Pilates class Notting Hill – Perfectly, Wonderfully Exhausting!

Pilates reduces stress. While you’re exercising you are fully in ‘the zone’, which means exercise is all you’re thinking about. When you’re fully engaged like this you don’t have room for worries, responsibilities or problems. You’re totally focused on the now, on breathing now, on moving now, and it’s a proven way to de-stress. You’ll also enjoy a lovely sense of general well-being because you’ve aligned your body and mind so perfectly, thanks to a dedicated and highly focused professional FORM personal trainer, your own fitness partner.

Pilates Personal Trainer – Dedicated 1-2-1 attention

When there’s someone on your side who knows about you and your unique fitness needs, you’re so much more motivated to work your body to fitness. Because Pilates is a muscle strengthening exercise it can do more than keep you fit. It’ll also help you to trim and tone your stomach, legs and backside. Our classes are specially tailored to provide either gentle exercise for better core strength, flexibility and balance or a full workout with more dramatic results. Combine it with a healthy diet and regular aerobic activity like walking, swimming or cycling and you’ll soon feel amazing!

FORM Notting Hill – Love that fitter new you!

It’s great to have a well-equipped gym on your doorstep, so much better than having to travel to get your exercise. Our FORM gym is staffed with highly professional fitness experts, and they understand the power of Pilates. Plenty of rehabilitation clinics provide Pilates as highly effective physical therapy that can benefit people with chronic neck and back pain, hip and knee replacements, MS, and fibromyalgia. It’s just as ideal for injured athletes, dancers and sports professionals who have had some kind of injury as it is for ordinary people who want to get fit.