Looking for a brilliant HIIT workout?
Challenging, tough, highly effective

You want every second of your workout to count, everything you do to make a difference? If that's you it sounds like high intensity workouts will meet your needs, maybe even exceed your fitness expectations!
Book your first package of 5 thrilling HIIT sessions at a special price of £115, just £23 each, and you'll feel absolutely, totally, fabulously fit in no time.

High Intensity Interval Training


You love feeling fit... really fit. You adore fast results, seeing your body change as you work out and observing your mental fitness improve at the same time. HIT training is a reliable, proven way to boost your endurance and fitness quickly, efficiently and very effectively indeed.

So what's so good about HIIT training? A high intensity interval training workout feels absolutely amazing. You incorporate specific body weight movements with cool supporting equipment like kettlebells, SkiERGs, TRX suspension straps and MOTR bars for an exercise regime that burns fat better than almost any other.

This high level of fat burning, rolled into a superb total body workout, burns through fat tissue a whole lot more effectively than any kind of low-intensity exercise. In fact it's as much as 50% as efficient. That means you naturally speed up your metabolism, which in turn helps you burn even more calories throughout the day.

If you're ready for a genuine challenge, walk this way for a high intensity training class that'll make you work really hard, giving your anaerobic and aerobic energy systems a tough workout designed to deliver the max every time. Just remember to bring your water bottle... you're going to get thirsty!

Push yourself

There are plenty of ways to get fit. But a high intensity workout is one of the fastest and most effective ways to tone your body, increase flexibility, add strength and feel totally brilliant. You'll leave every HIIT session on a natural high, pumped with enthusiasm and ready for anything. But it's much more than a body thing. It's a mind thing too, an overall wellness thing. The discipline you'll learn from your sessions will stand you in good stead whatever your walk of life, whatever your age or occupation. It's a top way to de-stress too, helping you leave that brutal working day behind you and lighten your mind. FORM HIIT training is the ultimate in formal exercise, and our expert trainers will make sure you get the very best out of it every time.

High Intensity Resistance Training – Make Every Second Count


HIIT Notting Hill – Life changing exercise for strong, determined people

High Intensity Interval Training is strenuous. It’s demanding of both the mind and the body. It takes it out of you – and that’s what it is designed for. You are supposed to leave us feeling happily exhausted! The last thing you need after a long day at the office, at home or travelling, is a stressful journey to the gym. You live in Notting Hill, you want a gym in Notting Hill. That’s where we’re based, and our place is full of happy locals who only have a short journey home after their workouts. Why not join us?

HIIT training in Notting Hill – Achieve your dream fitness level faster

What’s the experience like? You’ll arrive at least ten minutes before your first class so we can make sure you’re familiar with everything. You need to wear comfy workout gear that you can easily move in. Because you’ll be getting good and hot, a tank top or T and form-fitting leggings or shorts are best. You need to wear indoor trainers for your HIIT training sessions. Importantly, don’t forget water. You’ll need to hydrate before, during and after your class. And don’t forget a light snack about 45 minutes before your class to boost your energy.

Notting Hill HIIT sessions – Get hooked on feeling fantastic

HIIT, also called high-intensity interval training, is a workout technique where you give your all, using 100% effort. You do the exercises in fast bursts then either rest completely or recover via even more exercise. It’s famously good for increasing your heart rate, which makes it an exceptionally powerful aerobic exercise, which in turn means you end up burning even more fat over less time. Take a few HIIT sessions, add an experienced trainer plus your own inner grit and determination, and you’ll soon find you feel better than you’ve ever felt before. Fantastic!