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Get back in shape after your baby

You've had a baby – huge congratulations! Now you want to get fit again, get firm, get toned. You want to do it quickly and effectively, and you don't want to travel far.
Book your first package of six private postpartum exercise sessions at a special price of £450, just £75 each, and watch your body return to normal.

Your best post pregnancy workout

Fitter Mums.

A postnatal workout is special. It's very different from pre-baby workouts, and it's different for a reason. It can be difficult to get back in shape after the birth, with one study revealing that almost every woman who gives birth experience diastasis recti, when your right and left abdominal muscles are separated, and many people still see a level of separation six months after the birth.

Apart from that your entire body will feel totally different, especially your core. It has been stretched dramatically and it stays that way, leaving your tummy feeling unlike anything you've experienced before. When you combine this with a weak pelvic floor, you can end up feeling a lot less than your best. You need to focus on strengthening the deepest muscles in your core to get back your strength and stability.

Ordinary training won't work as well as dedicated postpartum training. That's why we provide specialist postnatal workout sessions. They're perfect for post-natal clients, giving you exactly the right kind of exercises to realign you, strengthen your core once more, and get rid of any weaknesses. As well as being highly effective and tailored to your exact needs, it's great fun.

We make sure the exercises and movements you carry out are safe and effective. We never put you at risk of injury. And because we educate you at the same time, you'll benefit even more. Safe workouts, top quality private sessions and expert 1-2-1 attention are yours, resulting in the kind of results you'll love to see.

Bring fitness back to the fore

The right kind of exercise after pregnancy helps you in all sorts of ways. Some people feel weakened by the birth, so building their strength back up makes them feel better able to cope with the demands of a new baby. When you're physically fit it tends to affect your emotions positively too, and that helps enormously. Our post-baby exercise sessions are varied and interesting but they're always safe, so won't cause you any harm. And our expert trainers know all about postpartum exercise, the latest research and contemporary theories about getting fit after your pregnancy.

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Love your journey back to physical fitness

With a new baby to care for, you really don’t want to have to travel miles to the gym. Ideally you don’t want to travel at all – you’d like to be able to walk there and back. Luckily we’re based in Notting Hill, in your local area, and we’re so well equipped there’s no need to go anywhere else. Our employees are all experienced, dedicated and great at what they do. Our gym is a pleasure to be in, spotless and stylish. And because everyone’s experience of childbirth and its physical after-effects is different, we provide dedicated fitness training on a 1-2-1 basis, tailored to your personal needs.

Postpartum exercise in Notting Hill – Professional support to feel fabulous!

We don’t just offer personal training. Our experienced employees all love what they do, and it shows. That means you get top class training to make you look and feel wonderful, and we also teach you how to stay that way. Once you’ve got over the effects of your pregnancy and we’ve got you fitter and stronger, we can take your exercise regime to the next level if you like. If you struggle with post-partum motivation, we’ll do everything we can to keep you keen. It’s great because having a professional on your side keeps you interested and enthusiastic. See you soon!

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So what exercises are recommended post birth? Gentle is the name of the game, at least at first. You might find you really enjoy yoga, or that pilates is particularly effective. Gentle weight training gradually strengthens your muscles, bringing back lost tone and firming you up. Light cardio training is also very effective in our experience, as are pelvic floor exercises. If you’ve had a C-section, we’ll take the greatest of care setting up an exercise schedule that’ll do the job without causing you pain or discomfort. When you want to get back in shape.