Brilliant postpartum exercise for new mums
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Your time with us is all about steadily, gently getting your body back to pre-pregnancy fitness. As well as being highly effective, it's really good fun!
Book your first package of six private post pregnancy workout sessions at a special price of £450, just £75 each, and feel marvellous.

Post-baby exercise in Notting Hill

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Taking gentle, specially-tailored exercise after giving birth helps strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles. It boosts your energy levels, leaving you feeling alert and alive. It can sometimes help ease postpartum depression and promotes an excellent night's sleep. Exercise reduces stress, and post pregnancy exercise can even support losing those few stubborn extra pounds that are hanging around.

You are unique. Your body has just gone through an experience that's unique to you. No two pregnancies or births are the same. And that's why we think it's so important for you to have your very own personal trainer, someone who gets to know you and your body well, understands your exact exercise needs, and can create a programme that suits your circumstances perfectly.

Post-pregnancy exercise is fun, and it can be as challenging – or not – as you need it to be. Our professional trainers make certain the exercises and movements you do are carried out safely and properly, without putting you at risk of pain or injury. And we'll teach you about your body as well, giving you amazing insights, information and guidance to help you stay fit and well.

There's nothing quite so effective and inspiring than dedicated 1-2-1 attention from a pro who understand your needs inside out. Let's get you back to your usual, fit, flexible, strong self!

Highly effective moderate exercises for new mums

Exercise after pregnancy is a really good way to gain back your strength and flexibility. Medics recommend most women can begin exercise around six weeks after an ordinary delivery and eight weeks if you've had a C-Section. On the other hand if you were fit and active throughout your pregnancy, you might feel able to get back to exercise sooner than that. It may make sense to start off gently and work your way up to more challenging exercises. Either way our professional trainers are with you from start to finish, full of good, sensible, current advice and practical guidance.

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Post-pregnancy workout class Notting Hill – Get back to your best

Ideally, when you have a new baby, you want to find exercise classes nice and close to home. If you’re looking for a local workout class, Notting Hill based, we’re your first choice. A beautifully equipped gym, highly professional support from dedicated personal trainers, a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere… it all adds up to a gym experience that’s much more than average. We focus on you, on a 1-2-1 basis, and that means achieving the results you want is a particularly satisfying and inspirational process.

Personal Trainer Notting Hill – Top class post pregnancy fitness

Even if you were super-fit before you became pregnant, it makes sense to focus on low impact options like walking and stretching at first, sometimes gentle strength training using light weights or resistance bands. Pregnancy and birth weaken your pelvic floor but the right exercises can help the muscles repair and tighten. It’s our priority to strengthen your pelvic floor and core muscles, and that means avoiding tough exercises like crunches, sit-ups, and push-ups for now. As you can imagine, expert support is a must at a time like this.

Your Notting Hill Gym – Wonderful postpartum workouts

Your birth might have been very simple, very complex, or something in between. As a postpartum woman it takes time to recover from such a challenging physical, mental and emotional experience. As someone who took high impact cardio classes three times a week beforehand, you won’t want to to that right now! Whether you were fit or not before giving birth, together we can bring you back to a level of fitness you’re happy with. At the same time we’ll keep you safe from injury, paying your body exactly the right kind of attention. Will we see you soon at our place?