Elissa's Six Tips For A Slender Summer Mid-Section

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As we all know, the midriff can be a very alluring body part, but it can also be an area of great insecurity and frustration for many.

90 days to radically shrink and shed stubborn belly fat to expose that desirable slender and sexy waistline.

You'll notice the initial changes and improvements within the first month, if you stick to the below.

Only 3 months in the grand scheme of your life is a nominal amount of time, especially when it comes to your health, happiness and confidence. It's also a duration that your mind can psychologically handle.

Here goes-


First and foremost, making improvements to your body ALWAYS starts with your psychology, what's upstairs! You have to not only have the desire to change it, but the discipline required to achieve it, meaning, abstaining from eating/drinking foods and drinks that will be a hindrance to achieving your goal. Ultimately it's psychological, if you desire it enough to make the effort, results will ensue, guaranteed. You are in control of your thoughts and your thoughts manifest into being. Stay positive and focused on your objective!


I would like to debunk the myth that one can achieve a flat tummy through exercise alone. That's just not the case, no matter how hard you train.

You may have heard the saying that "abs are made in the kitchen," this is, in fact, a large portion of the abdominal aesthetic equation, but only if your kitchen is full of the RIGHT sustenance.

Eating a diet rich in starchy carbs, like most cereals, white rice, white pasta, bread, chips, sugar (abundant in fruit juices, soft drinks and smoothies) and alcohol, will not reduce tummy fat/bloat, it will most definitely increase it.

These are inflammation inducing foods/drinks that cause the abdomen to swell or bloat.Eating a diet rich in anti inflammatory foods/drinks will reduce the bloat and shrink the waistline.

Think vegetables and lean, good quality cuts of organic meat and wild caught fish (to avoid contaminants present in non organic protein).

Consuming a small amount of healthy fats daily will aid in the reduction of belly bloat and fat.

Think seeds, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, avocado, MCT oil and oily fish (added bonus,hair, skin and nail radiance and health)


Even with your best efforts to eat nutritiously, if you're not keeping your portion size under control, it will be hard to shift belly fat.

It's all well and good to incorporate some nuts seeds and avocados into your diet, however, if you're consuming the whole thing on the daily, the weight just won't budge!


WHEN you eat matters as much as what you eat. Intermittent fasting boasts multiple benefits to fat reduction around your midsection. I recommend adhering to eating within an 8 hour window of the day. For example, consuming food between 11am and 7pm. You may wish to adjust the timing slightly to noon and 8pm, whatever works best for your lifestyle, but I would not eat beyond 8pm if you're looking to lean out and sleep well.

You may think that you will be ravenous in the morning, but quite the contrary. Your stomach will adapt and sugar cravings will significantly diminish.

Drinking plenty of filtered water and herbal teas throughout your daily fast is recommended. I love nettle, dandelion and Yerba Mate for the detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, immune boosting and digestive benefits.

IF ( intermittent fasting) also enables your digestive system to take a break. In our western society, we tend to eat far too much, and vast amounts of scientific studies have revealed that eating less improves neural function as well as inducing fat loss.


Run, hop, skip, jump, swim, box, cycle, dance your way into shape. ANYTHING that elevates the heart rate where you break a sweat is cardio and burns fat. To lose the "toxic fat" around the middle, cardio is imperative. The underlying muscles and definition will be revealed once the fat has melted off. Cardio exercise is not just necessary for its fat burning attributes, but for overall mental and physical health. Aim for 3-4 cardiovascular workouts each week.


Incorporate a variety of exercises to target the 4 layers of the core. Pilates and TRX suspension core exercises are exceptional for building strength through the abdominal cavity, enabling you to move better and revealing a defined and accentuated midsection.

Proud to announce that METcore was afforded the Tatler award for BEST CLASS for core strengthening and waist whittling.

If you have any questions regarding weight management and how exercise and diet are synergistic when attaining your ultimate shape, Elissa and her team are on hand at FORM to assist you.

To book your appointment, please contact hello@formstudios.co.uk

Author: Elissa El Hadj

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