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We met up with Bikini Culture’s Lauren Mitchells to discuss all things health, fitness and…bikinis. Check out our interview with her below.

Lauren, thanks so much for your time today! Tell us a little about how Bikini Culture came to fruition.

I grew up in Australia; blessed with hot weather, stunning nature, some of best beaches in the world and I was lucky enough to basically spend every minute outdoors. I lived by Sydney’s most iconic beach- Bondi, where I soaked up the sunshine, played in the surf and ultimately lived in a bikini, and if Australians know one thing its how to make a killer swimsuit.

By the time I was in my early twenties I packed a suitcase and moved to London where I bought with me my passion for a simple bikini. However when I arrived in London I was faced with a dilemma; an obvious lack of the beach (not happy) matched with a complete inability to find a good bikini anywhere!

I am lucky to travel with my work so before each trip I would literally spend weeks sourcing all my swimwear from all around the world where I knew I was guaranteed a good suit. Thus the idea for 'Bikini Culture' was born.

I rallied my favourite international designers and made it my goal to satisfy every other beach lover's passion for a good stylish bikini. I now work with many prestigious brands bringing an array of international styles to London.

That’s awesome! What an incredible story, and huge thank you for providing us access to such incredible bikinis at any time of year! Which brings me to my next question…a lot of us frantically run to a class at FORM as soon as it starts getting a little warmer. We know however, that consistency is key. How do you stay fit and healthy year round?

I don’t believe in fad diets, juice detoxes and bootcamp weeks. For me being an Aussie, it has always been a way of life. I grew up outdoors in nature with a lifestyle that was very active and naturally a healthy diet went hand in hand.

I DO however like any other girl, fluctuate in weight and eat unhealthy from time to time but I make sure to eat everything in moderation, I also refuse to let worrying about my weight get in the way of enjoying my life- so when I go to France and Italy gimme ALL the bread and cheese!!

I try to do some of physical activity around 4/5 times a week and mix it up to keep my body from getting complacent and also to keep things interesting; from running, walking to HIIT classes and FORM classes (which I have been a fan of for years!) I refuse to do anything that is not sustainable so if that means I need to binge on a tub of ice cream from time to time then I do!

Moderation is key for us at FORM also, exercising regularly for a plethora of benefits that promote a healthy body AND a healthy mind! How do you stay motivated week in and week out?

I too believe a healthy body is a healthy mind and I know I feel much happier when I am being healthy and exercising so it isn’t hard for me to keep motivated. I also don’t try to push myself too much. My body shape and weight HAS changed over the years but I try not to stress about it, but embrace the changes.

I work on fueling my body with all the right nutrients and doing exercise that is right or that feels good at the time, I don’t force myself to do anything if `I’m tired or not in the right frame of mind ‘cause I know it won’t have a positive effect or any effect.

Wise words! Many of us find that whilst the summer months get us excited for holidays, the prospect of getting ‘bikini body ready’ is a little daunting! Any Lauren Mitchell tips you can share with us?

Working in fashion and swimwear I have to point out the danger in talking about being ‘bikini body ready’; there is NO ONE KIND OF BIKINI BODY and no single ‘correct’ body type. Believe me; having worked in the industry I have literally seen so many different shapes and sizes, all of which are beautiful in their own way. You could be the thinnest or curviest, tallest or shortest girl and still not be ‘bikini body ready’ if you aren’t confident in your own skin.

Now by all means I am guilty of not always feeling confident in my own skin but I accept that and work at a having more self confidence. When we want to feel ‘bikini confident’ it’s all about building your self-esteem every time you see yourself. It doesn’t come from calorie counting or sprints but from a little more self love and positive body image.

Work on having a healthy mind, feed your body right and do exercise that makes you feel good THEN your bikini fear will start to improve and will ultimately feel ‘bikini body ready’.

Lauren, thank you so much for your time today. It has been a real pleasure getting to know you!

For more information on all things Bikini Culture, go to for the latest scoop and the cutest bathing suits out there!

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