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Human Growth is a hormone that is naturally produced in the pituitary glad in the brain. It is a hormone that depletes at approximately 25 years of age. It is produced during bursts of high intensity interval cardio training and during resistance training. It is also produced during sleep (REM phase, first sleep wave, which most people do not get) The sleep has to be deep to be beneficial Sadly, that glass of red wine prior to bed is an inhibitor. Alcohol prior to sleeping does not induce a deep sleep, though it might seem so. As the name suggests, it is responsible for the growth of tissue in the body. It improves bone density, skin elasticity and collagen production, organ health, it decreases the production of fat storage in the body and generally improves health and physical well being. HGH is an essential hormone in the endocrine system, but it is also the most complex.

-At FORM in Notting Hill, our 2 time award winning, results driven signature class, METcore Pilates was created to improve the wellbeing of Londoners, as we live in an ever increasing sedentary existence, out of necessity rather than choice. We spend approximately 85% of our day on our backside. Travelling to and from work, sitting at work, dining, socialising, social media-ing, business trips etc... If you cumulatively add up all the hours of sitting per day, it is staggering and worrying. Aside from the myriad of physiological negative effects long periods of sitting poses on the body, day in and day out, it dramatically slows the metabolism (the rate at which we burn fat and calories and is our health barometer) It is impossible to produce this wondrous hormone when you are inactive most of the day. During METcore Pilates, the carefully selected exercises combine working with resistance cables (weight) and incorporating short, sharp bursts of high intensity cardio. So not one and then the other. We combine the 2 simultaneously. Body weight cardio to some extent encourages the release of growth hormone, but when combined, a greater amount of HGH is produced.

-FORM workouts are different, as a considerable amount of thought goes into the classes and the reasons behind the structure, duration etc...for example, our classes are 50 minutes long for s reason (40 minutes focused training, 10 minutes active stretching) for a reason, training more than 45 minutes at a time decreases HGH production and raises cortisol levels. They are original concept classes designed by the founders, not offered anywhere else globally. Health, wellbeing and results is the driving force behind the workouts. Focus is given to what is desperately needed to prevent aches, pains and injuries which almost everyone is riddled with. Exercises are multi faceted and incorporate balance (for the brain and core) strength, core, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, correct and effective breathing techniques, and myofascial release.

-Post METcore Pilates, is really when the "magic" begins in the body, and this is the time that fat burning at a rapid rate occurs. Fat burning can last up to 48 hours after the session, provided you have worked to your personal maximum. During the session, the body burns sugars. Post session burns body fat. This type of training is heralded for inducing deep, restorative sleep (increasing HGH secretion), decreasing cortisol levels (the stress hormone cortisol sits stubbornly on your abdomen), the release of endorphins (feel good hormones), improving mental focus and concentration, increasing energy levels, and stimulating blood circulation.

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