Reform Method

FORM’s ReFORM method is a carefully curated training system that is designed to enhance and improve the body and mind by strengthening all systems of the body, including neuromuscular, cardiovascular, nervous system, lymphatic, circulatory, respiratory and endocrine system.

The class is based around pilates for its core postural, and respiratory benefits, and also incorporates cardio training, balance and strength components for an all encompassing workout.

Dynamic Reformer Pilates

Looking for a workout that will tone and sculpt, strengthen and lengthen, improve flexibility and mobility, improve balance and coordination and correct ailments and imbalances, Dynamic Reformer Pilates is a must!

Men and woman alike can reap the vast benefits of this invaluable practice.

At FORM, Pilates is at the core of many of our signature workouts, and our Pilates personal trainers are experts in this field.

We pride ourselves on our close attention to detail, ensuring exercises are performed with precision and, therefore, attaining greater results, at an accelerated rate.

Rehab to Pain Free

Our Pilates personal trainers are specialist in musculoskeletal rehabilitation through the Pilates system. Sessions are focused on correct muscle activation and creating healthy movement patterns by realigning the client’s posture. The medical world now realises the benefits of Pilates for injury prevention and rehabilitation for lower back pain, sports injuries, postural deviations and pre/post natal. Pilates rehabilitation provides a unique method of restoring strength, flexibility and function to help you remain pain free.

Pregnancy, and post-natal recovery is different for every individual woman. We have designed a program for your personal needs, working at your own level and pace in a safe and caring environment.

Our pre & postnatal 1-2-1 sessions are an incredibly effective way to help one’s body prepare for, and safely recover from the rigors of childbirth. Boosting circulation, elevating energy levels and improving ones overall wellbeing.

We help expecting mums enjoy their pregnancy to its absolute fullest. Then help guide them through their rehabilitative phase intelligently, safely and effectively post childbirth.

Integrating a wide range of disciplines and methods from TRX, body weight resistance, free weights resistance, plyometrics, boxing training and resistance-band training, our personal trainers utilise strength, mobility and cardiovascular exercises, in the precise ratios, to achieve your goals, not only fast, but safely. Your carefully structured workout program is designed to be progressive and empowering, guaranteeing results you not only see, but you can most definitely feel.

1-2-1 Yoga offers you the unique blend of the key components of Yoga mindfulness, breathing and alignment. Emphasising a personalised practice with a customized yoga method designed to your individual goals, abilities and level. Our teachers will encourage you every step of the way on your personal yoga journey.