Vitamin D The Sunshine Miracle Vitamin

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It's responsible for helping regulate hundreds of others genes in the body, including those that balance mood and prevent heart disease. It also regulates the immune system and neuromuscular system and is key to optimal health. Nearly 50% of the population have insufficient levels of Vitamin D and deficiencies can lead to a host of serious health issues, such as depression, heart disease, bone pain, muscle weakness, dementia, prostate and breast cancer, schizophrenia, and erectile dysfunction. Common early symptoms include muscle weakness and fatigue. (If you think you're at risk a simple screening will tell you)

The recommended daily amount for adults is 600-800 IU (international units) a day, more, however, if you're getting little, to no sun exposure, and prudent to increase dosage in darker, winter months.

In addition to those rays hitting your skin, prefer to get your Vitamin D from food source as opposed to supplements, fatty fish like wild salmon, mackerel, sardines and tuna are great sources, as well as milk, cheese, mushrooms and eggs (organic).

Remarkably, the human body actually produces Vitamin D by itself, but only after direct exposure to sunlight, SANS sunscreen. Approximately 15 minutes per day of sun exposure without SPF protection is vital for correct amounts of vitamin D adsorption. Interestingly, darker skinned folk absorb less sunlight than their lighter-skinned counterparts resulting in less Vitamin D absorption, so those with darker skin should spend a little longer outside.

Spending more than 15/20 minutes a day in the sun, we, at FORM favour chemical free sunscreen brands, and our absolute favourite is COOLA which is also water-resistant.

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Spend more time in the great outdoors this summer, but stay safe in the sun!

Author: FORM founder Elissa Elhadj

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