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We love METcore Pilates as it's the ultimate workout to attain a lean, sculpted physique in record time, but it actually goes far beyond just that, it slows down the ageing process! How so, you may ask?

City living is not particularly conducive to promoting good health in many instances.

Our lifestyles our becoming increasingly more sedentary while we spend more time on tech devices and longer hours at work. Sitting hours on end, day in and day out. Hours sitting at work commuting, driving, business trips, dining, socialising, leisure time (ie tv, reading, social media etc)

Studies have proven that long periods of sitting over time is as damaging to your health as smoking and also as AGEING as smoking is. Long periods of sitting (ie more than 6 hours a day) can lead to organ damage, which includes heart disease and cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer (risk of colon, breast and endometrial cancers is in fact higher), muscle degeneration (muscles going soft and mushy), joint degeneration, particularly the hips getting shorter and tighter. Decreased hip mobility from sitting all day over time is the main reason older folks tend to fall down, soft bones, poor circulation in the legs leading to deep vein thrombosis and varicose veins, disc damage to the spine, brain fog and strained neck issues promoting headaches and migraines.

It's serious business and incredibly ageing!

So sitting for hours every day adds years to the body and brain and 85% of Londoners sit 80% of the day, no wonder everyone is riddled with aches and pains, as well as far graver health issues. This is indicative of a prematurely ageing body.

So we created METcore PILATES!

Youthfulness equates to moving well, free of discomfort, looking well, glowing and exuding energy.

METcore exercises are designed to work on weaknesses and correct imbalances through a combination of Pilates inspired movements and plyometrics for an all encompassing anti-ageing workout. Exercises are specifically designed to improve, POSTURE, CORE STRENGTH, BALANCE, FLEXIBILITY and CARDIO FITNESS!

The 5 crucial elements of a healthy, youthful body.

The first tell tale signs of age is POSTURE. Correct posture makes you look younger. Good posture aids digestion, organ health, spinal health, core strength, is slimming, lifts the bust and makes one look more confident. That all equals youth from the inside out.

A weak core is ageing. Your CORE is the body's nucleus. Joseph Pilates himself named it the powerhouse. A strong core will strengthen the body's stabilisers preventing stiffness and rigidity. If you're stiff and inflexible that consequently will age the body internally at a more rapid rate making you feel old before your time.

BALANCE exercises strengthen the neuro muscular system and improve mental focus and memory. FACT! Thus assisting in the prevention of cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer's and dementia. Any disease is ageing to the body.

Balancing exercises are the foundation of METcore.

FLEXIBILITY, and I don't mean being a contortionist! I mean literally the ability to bend down and touch your toes with ease.

Stiff, tight joints and muscles wreak havoc on the body, contributing to pain and discomfort and eventually leading to graver physiological issues.

This lack of mobility ages the joints before their time.

Raising your heart rate on a daily basis through CARDIO FITNESS keeps your heart and lungs working properly. It also transcends to greatly improving blood circulation and skin health (the biggest organ in the body) The skins elasticity is greatly improved from improved circulation. Stimulating collagen production. That in and of itself it anti-ageing.

In METcore, we include a great deal of plyometrics (jumping) which is proven to not only tone and shape the body quickly, but also to improve BONE health and density, thus preventing fractures and breaks and even early onset osteoporosis, which is on the rise in the UK.

And finally our SPEED 8 segment (High Intensity Resistance Training) 8 minutes of flat out cardio with weights to induce the production of HGH (human growth hormone) our body's anti ageing hormone. This miracle hormone is responsible for keeping the body (organs, heart, joints, muscle, blood and brain healthy and vital)

The main ageing culprit is STRESS and when the body is mentally or physically stressed, it produces a hormone called CORTISOL. Elevated levels of the stress hormone, cortisol dramatically ages the body and increases visceral fat around the midsection. ie hours and hours of working out/overtraining is actually very ageing. It doesn't wear well on the face either.

In only 8 minutes of maximum physical exertion you will receive all the cardiovascular benefits of long periods of cardio minus the negative effects of raising cortisol levels and further increasing stress symptoms in the body. Genius!

It is also the most effective way to incinerate fat off the body and retain muscle tone and definition, which you naturally lose as you get older. GET THE LEAN AND SCULPTED LOOK at any age and shave years off. Feel renewed energised and revitalised from METcore Pilates.

To turn back the clock, click here!

By Elissa El Hadj

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